Lidia’s Story

Since I was child, I always felt amazed by nature and loved working with my hands, creating little universes, painting, getting my hands sticky with glue!
After too much thinking and studying at university, I felt again the call for arts.

So I started my search for natural pigments and methods that allow the use of organic and recycled materials, water-based inks and other “pieces of nature”. Until I finally came across Collagraph Printmaking techniques!

For me, art is an expression of the same diversity as there is in nature!, simple, spontaneous, creative!

So I love creating paintings with natural textures, recycled materials, using all kind of shapes and colours! Sometimes intentionally, but mainly spontaneously!

And I love sharing it with others! In this way preparing workshops with people of all ages; I worked with elders, kids and all kinds of public.

My intention is to show simplicity, everyone can make art and in my workshops there is no “white paper” fear, just a collage to print! Everything is beautiful and interesting!

My services include art workshops at different places and I also do commissions, for personal and business purposes, such as logos, etc..

I also present my work in art expositions around Asturias, open for sale.

Summertime is a wonderful time to do art at Hotel Posada del Valle!

Art Workshops @ Posada del Valle

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