Learning a foreign language

My name is Lidia and I love living at the edge between Spanish & English! I am Spanish and studied English at school for many years and to be honest, I found it quite boring. Then, when I went abroad, I couldn’t say a word. Luckily, living in an English speaking country gave me all the tools I needed to gain my confidence. Thanks to my relationship with English culture, personally, and professionally, here I am, travelling from one place to another, attending international courses, living and loving in two languages!

Would you like to practice your spanish? Or learn a bit more about it? This can be a dynamic and joyful experience!

We provide online teaching focused on personal, conversational skype sessions, adapted to 21st century lifestyles and needs.

Flexible! So you can learn Spanish at home, at work, on the weekends…

Using multicultural singularities to build an inspiring experience, talking in any context! improving communicative skills that help you get familiar with different situations.

We also organize special courses and weekend experiences.

Dynamic courses with different activities in Spanish, such as gentle walks along the Asturian landscape, cultural visits, coffee chats in bars or cooking and art workshops. Practicing Spanish while “doing”!. There are also a few topic based sessions included in the program, where we analyze needs and revise some useful grammar. The best learning experience co-designed to fulfill your needs and interests!

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